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TIn this review we will talk about Goose VPN, the company that started its activities in 2016, registered in the Netherlands. Let's consider what distinguishes this VPN service from others, what are its advantages and disadvantages, as well as test for data leakage and measure the speed. The company tells us to provide privacy and anonymity of your data when using the Internet, the company has named its company Goose according to its Dutch traditions, as the goose guards the home of the owner and acts as an alarm against thieves, this is clearly seen in a unique function Cyber Alarm, which we will talk about later, the service uses reliable military-grade encryption AES 256, according to the latest security standards, protocols IKEv2, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN. There are special servers for streaming movies, dedicated P2P servers. The user can use an unlimited number of connected devices at the same time. Also, confidence in the privacy of personal information causes the zero-logging policy and the emergency switch, although so far only in the client for Windows. Compared to other VPN providers, Goose VPN has a small server network in 25+ countries, but it is well optimized and stable.

Cheapest priceLogging policyTorrenting policyServers countCustomer supportMoney back guaranteeLocal speed (Avg.)
1.80$No logsPermitted63Email30 days20 Mbps

Privacy & Security


Goose VPN is considered a reliable VPN provider, which can ensure the anonymity of your digital identity in the Internet space, consider the technical parameters, due to which the service enjoys the credit of trust among its users.

Goose VPN uses the most secure and reliable AES 256 encryption at the moment, which will take forever to crack, handshake with RSA with 2048 bit key length and one of the most secure HMAC SHA1 encryption algorithms, thanks to which the messages are authenticated. The service offers four protocols to choose from IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP, Open VPN. The preferred protocol is the open-source OpenVPN, which has an excellent balance between fast performance and high-security standards.

Also available to protect against leaks of DNS, we have tested for leaks of DNS, IPv6, IPv4, WebRTC and during the test, I have not found any leaks of confidential information, which is certainly an advantage of the service.



Logging policy & Jurisdiction


Goose VPN company is registered in the Netherlands, a country that allows VPN, the government is always against censorship and supports free access to the Internet, but you should consider the fact that Goose VPN is part of the 9/14 eyes alliance, whose members, as we know, actively exchange intelligence and this threatens your online privacy, but thanks to a transparent security policy and zero-logging policy, Goose VPN does not collect much data during registration, does not store or record information such as your IP address when you connect, the history of site browsing and other personal information, it says that if suddenly the government comes with a warrant to provide information about the service user, Goose VPN can not help, because there will be nothing to show, which tells us about the previously stated privacy of your data.


Performance (speed & reliability)


When testing the speed I used Speedtest, first I measured the speed without VPN connection, then I connected to a Cyber Alarm server from the Netherlands, then I connected to a server from the US, then to a regular server from the Netherlands to compare how the speed changed. When testing the initial speed without VPN, its value was 62.27 Mbps, then connecting to a specialized server Cyber Alarm from the Netherlands, my speed was 10.08 Mbps, which is low, given that the Netherlands is close to me, then I connected to a server from the U.S. and the speed stopped at 13.20 Mbps, this is normal, given that the distance between me and the United States is about 10000 km and after all the tests I decided to connect to a regular server from the Netherlands and the speed was 20.43 Mbps, which tells us that regular servers are faster than Cyber Alarm servers.



Features & Usability


Now let's talk about additional features that can increase the level of security for your online activity. The Autopilot feature, which blocks the Internet connection when you connect to unverified networks, in this case, when the VPN connection is interrupted, immediately terminates the Internet connection if the network is suspicious, under Trusted Network you can select trusted networks when you do not need to use the VPN.

The Cyber Alarm feature is a unique feature that distinguishes this VPN service from others. What is its peculiarity? Cyber Alarm collects data and analyzes online traffic before it reaches your device, in the control panel you have information about possible risks of malware and viruses. It works much faster than antivirus and has its unique online database which is updated after a certain time, and with this analysis and comparing this data with their database, virtually no risk of getting hit by malware and viruses.

The application Goose VPN is well optimized, with a nice user interface, will be understandable even for beginners, there is a button for quick connection to the server, in the settings you can change the protocol that suits you better, enable additional function Autopilot, as well as DNS leakage protection, which will provide you additional security.




Server Location


Compared to other VPN providers, Goose VPN does not have a massive server network, but it is well enough optimized, works steadily and covers the most important regions. There are also 6 specialized Cyber Alarm servers from France, Canada, USA, UK, Denmark and the Netherlands.

List of countries:

Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Canada, Bulgaria, Belgium, Australia, Austria, USA, Singapore, Sweden, Romania, Norway, Netherlands, Japan, Italy, India, Hungary, France, Spain, Great Britain.

Streaming &Torrenting


How good is Goose VPN for streaming?

It is a well-known fact that streaming services restrict content due to geographical principles and if they detect VPN traffic, they immediately block the user. Goose VPN manages to bypass geo-blocking with varying success, the first time I connected to the American server, I got access to Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO without problems. But when reconnecting I had problems with gaining access to the service, customer support told me in this case, do not to choose an automatic connection, and it better to find the appropriate server yourself, I asked them to do it for me, which was not denied and I was again successfully connected to the server, the variable success can be explained by the fact that sometimes exceeds the bandwidth IP address, or the IP address has previously been blocked. Nevertheless, the service has specialized servers for streaming movies and TV shows, and there are specialized P2P servers (Peer-to-peer networks). The service is able to provide you with safety and anonymity when downloading torrents, so you can safely trust him in this matter without the risk of being prosecuted in countries where it is forbidden to download torrents.


Platforms & Devices


Goose VPN has applications for operating systems Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, extensions for browsers Chrome, Firefox, for platforms Synology OS, ChromeOS and Raspberry Pi 3, as well as applications for routers and Android TV, the client for Windows with a pleasant user interface, clearly intuitive even for beginners, you can easily find and change settings, such as changing the server, there are two sections: Norman and Cyber Alarm, we wrote about their differences earlier, you can also change the protocol, though it is worth noting that in the macOS client you will not have access to the OpenVPN protocol, and the default protocol will be IKEv2. Setting up the client is very simple, all the necessary functions are set by default, you just need to create an account, download the required application and that's it, Goose VPN is ready to use.





Now we will look at the pricing policy of the service. Considering the security features and additional features that the service provides, Goose VPN provides a loyal pricing policy. The service has three pricing plans. for 1 month, for 1 year, for 5 years, and if you buy the annual plan, you will be available for a 7-day free trial.

1 month - $9.99 per month

1 year - $4.99 per month

5 years - $1.80 per month

Logically, the longer the period you subscribe, the cheaper it will cost you, there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee, if you suddenly decide that the service is not suitable for you, you will have no problem getting your money back.

You can pay for the subscription by credit card, PayPal.





Now consider also an important point of assessment of the VPN service - support. Contact the support service, you can through the mail, by phone listed on the website, as well as through a system of tickets, right away I want to note the drawback of this VPN service is the lack of live chat, through which the tasks that require an immediate response. However, the available system of tickets works perfectly, sometimes the waiting time for answers took less than a couple of minutes and what definitely pleased me is the program Team Viewer, through which you can solve technical problems remotely when you can no longer find a solution to this problem. On the site, you can also find a section with frequently asked questions, where the clear language provides useful answers to questions about the service. In general, Goose VPN support deserves high marks for the timeliness, timely answers to your questions, maintaining tact and politeness, but the only thing I would like to see in the future is, of course, the ability to communicate with support staff via live chat.

Pros & Cons



Unlimited number of simultaneous connections
Dedicated servers for streaming and P2P
No Logs Policy
Remote technical support via TeamViewer
Strong encryption



No live chat
Small server network
No advanced options
Slow speed of Cyber Alarm servers


Last edited on Aug 10, 2022


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