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FinderVPN performs in-depth reviews and compares all kinds of protection tools to help all Internet users choose the best VPN services to improve their privacy and security. We have assembled a team of the best experts in online security and VPN technology. They clearly understand the current environment and the threats that people and companies face on a usual. Our experts constantly monitor the latest developments in the field of Internet security and provide you with this information on our website in a clear form and an advanced search engine that allows you to implement it to ensure the protection of your data.

Our mission

We are a team of experts and professionals in the field of security and protection of your data online. Our main focus is the VPN industry. We have been working in this area since 2005 and we know all aspects of this direction in depth. Our main task and mission is to provide you with as much detailed information as possible about all existing VPN providers. Provide you with up-to-date information on all the advantages and disadvantages that each has to help people make the right decision about VPN provider.

Our 10-Step Review Process

In order to make a full and high-quality review of a VPN provider, we always open a Premium account. We never ask for free accounts.

We do install and test the VPN app on each of our devices: Windows PC, macOS laptop, Android and iOS devices, routers, SmartTV’s and media devices (Firestick, AppleTV, PS4 and Xbox).

We run multiple speed tests from different locations using speedtest.net

Check for DNS, IP and WebRTC leaks from apps and browser extensions.

We test the application for its functionality and usability on each Operation System.

We read each Privacy Policy and clarify directly with VPN provider those details that we consider suspicious.

We check what media resources are available with each VPN provider and if they allow P2P/Torrents.

We submit support tickets, make phone calls, get on chat and more to test response speed and the competence of the support team on the other end when dealing with common VPN issues.

We check prices with each VPN provider and compare the price and quality of each product.

After conducting a quality analysis, we list only the best and most reliable VPNs on our website.

* An important point:

We never charge a fee or take money for a positive feedback or review of a particular VPN provider. VPN services will never influence our rating of the products we are reviewing.

We follow a 10-step review process for each VPN service the same way, ensuring that all the results you see on our website are directly comparable.


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